OZCHI 2008 Public and Situated Displays to Support Communities

Workshop at OZCHI 2008, Cairns, Australia
Tuesday 9th December

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This OZCHI 2008 workshop will discuss the ways that public, situated displays can support communities. We see public displays as having the potential to play an important role in supporting social interactions across various different environments, but also acknowledge that public deployments are fraught with complex socio-technical challenges and issues. Designers of public display systems must be aware of these issues and choose their techniques accordingly, but the challenges and appropriate techniques may change from environment to environment.

Our primary aim is to explore the potential for situated displays to support communities of all kinds by bringing together many individual community display projects, with the added benefit of increasing awareness and communication between researchers involved in this field. We hope to share experiences of working with communities and the challenges this can involve and explore the different approaches, techniques and technologies used by the workshop participants.

In doing this, we aim to learn which of those have proved successful, which have not been so successful, and facilitate comparison of the various approaches and the contrasting communities in which they were based. It is our hope that the workshop will encourage collaboration between disparate research groups, and if suitable the outcomes of the event may be considered for publication in an appropriate venue.

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